First Choice Counseling is a therapist owned clinical mental health facility, embracing evidenced-based mental health therapeutic methods. Our mindset is rooted and based on helping you reach personal and functional goals.


While we employ certified and licensed therapists, we believe that providing a comprehensive treatment plan is always best. We purposely focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and  brief solution focus therapeutic approaches that provide the best path to wellness for our clients which maximizes our results in the least possible amount of time. Our sessions are 50 minutes.




Prior to any  plan, one of our therapists performs a complete evaluation, talking with you about your condition and goals.

Taking approximately an hour, evaluations include clinical and mental diagnostics. This information allows us to create a tailored program and schedule that coincides with your needs and any physician orders.

The facility  is fully equipped and staffed with extremely knowledgeable and skilled clinical mental health therapists who respect our clients and the process of change.

Whatever your therapeutic needs, you can believe our team will help you make the most gains and get you where you want to be.

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