Long before opening in 2008, we recognized the need for a more inclusive and comprehensive talk therapy clinic. That is why we joined forces and why we do what we do. Everyone at First Choice Counseling is dedicated to making access points for personal mental health wellness. It is our commitment that allows us an outstanding network of integrated behavioral health care professional agencies and private practitioners locally, regionally and nationally.  

We have partnered with for profits organizations as well : HESSED. CO - Developing communities, by empowering the people of the community through, access to resources, supporting ownership that creates thriving communities.             



First Choice Counseling Professional Corporation supports with, time, talent, and treasure the following nonprofit organizations:

FGHM.ORG (www.fghm.org), Urban St.Louis K Life (www.urbanklife.com), American Red Cross, Salvation Army, The United Way, and Good Will.